2017 SOTY Write-Up: White Gum – Iglooghost

Listen: YouTube

Iglooghost creates adventurous, detailed and absurd electronic music. It truly is like nothing else being produced today. “White Gum” takes the masterful idiosyncrasies of an Iglooghost track and filters them through a fine layer of pop appeal. The track opens with an anxious and unfamiliar essence that brings the listener into his paranormal world of floating eyeballs, witches, and gelatinous worms; just peruse the album cover art. Halfway into the intro a monstrous and intense 808 bass bursts into the mix demanding attention if you haven’t already tuned in. The track really begins to take form as an aggressive, non-lyrical voice fades in and serves as a sort of narrator for the coming compounding and complex twists and turns that the track never seems to run out of. The addition of this voice, a sampled grime vocal, is such a creative and unique approach to the instrumentation. Even though it is clearly of human origin, the sample acts as a perfectly befitting instrument in this wholly electronic composition. The greatest feat of “White Gum”, however, lies in its ability to constantly shift from idea to idea without feeling overwhelming and instead become a memorable and catchy tune. While the track truly feels alien, Iglooghost still plays to minute, simple melodies and hard-hitting drumming seen in most contemporary music. Its components are merely tried and true electronic music precedents that when compiled by Iglooghost operate to tell the story of “a giant calamity involving two huge eyeballs falling from the sky.” The track’s creator is not some foreign entity with access to a library of new, unearthly sounds, and that is what makes the creation of “White Gum” such an astonishing achievement.

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